What you should know about companies that sell burial Insurance

When looking for final expense life insurance, you may not know the most important factors to consider. Some people take a casual approach because after all, it is all meant to take care of burials and similar things. What they do not know is that at the end of the day, it is something that will determine the situations that they go through.

For instance, the costs of the final journey of your loved one could be too much to bear, and therefore, you will be looking at the insurance policy to help you overcome to hard times. This can only happen when you get an insurance from reliable companies. To be sure about this, you need to understand the following facts about companies that sell burial insurance.

What you should know about companies that sell burial Insurance

The quotes can be customized

dsfdsfsdfsdfsdfThere are no rigid terms when it comes to what you can get from these companies. If you ask for a quote from several companies, you will notice that there are various things that they consider and therefore, their quotes will be different. However, what many people do not know is that these quotes can also be tailored according to the needs of every applicant.

For instance, if you are aging but still want to travel the world, your burial insurance needs may not be the same as someone who has been down with chronic illnesses for long. You, therefore, should talk to the insurance company to see if they have anything unique for you.

You do not have to wait for too long

Contrary to what most people have been made to believe, companies that sell burial insurance do not have to take too long in order to approve your application. It is true that there are those that have long procedures. However, if you look at the ones that have come up recently, you will notice that changes in technology have also affected the way they do business.

In fact, there are those that do not require any paperwork, and you can even apply online. It means that regardless of your needs, you can get a quote and an approval instantly.

You do not need medical exams

gfhfghgfhgfhgfhfghSeveral years back, insurance companies that sold these policies would require you to go through vigorous medical checks. They wanted to know everything about your health before they can insure you. This also meant that a lot of people were either turned away or slapped with huge premiums based on their health.

However, things have since changed, and that is the reason you no longer have to go through these checks. Some companies will agree to insure you no matter what your situation is and so, they help to take the burden off your shoulders.


If you are looking for the best companies that sell burial insurance, you should look at their relationship with their customers. Look at how they operate especially when it comes to compensation. If they have too many disputes with their customers, it is an indication that you may have to search for help elsewhere.

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Redeemer Seminary is the new name for the Westminster Texas Campus

J. Gresham MachenSince 1929 Westminster Theological Seminary has been training “specialists in the Bible” who minister the gospel worldwide. In 1999 Westminster began a Texas Campus to extend the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ through offering theological education grounded in the seminary’s core values and serving churches and communities in the Southwestern United States. By God’s grace, the Texas Campus has graduated students who now serve churches and ministries across the United States. In 2009 Westminster Theological Seminary launched its Texas Campus as Redeemer Seminary, an independent institution which shares the core values and theological commitments upon which Westminster was founded. Westminster concludes its M.Div. and M.A.R. programs in Texas in cooperation with Redeemer during the transition. New students enroll as Redeemer Seminary students. For more of our story, read about Redeemer

Our Purpose at Redeemer Seminary

The purpose of Redeemer Seminary is to form men for the gospel ministry, who shall truly believe, and cordially love, and therefore endeavor to propagate and defend, in its genuineness, simplicity, and fullness, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the inerrant and infallible Word of God and summarized in that system of religious belief and practice which is set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms and which is integrally related to the fundamental principles of Presbyterian church government; thereby, cultivating and sustaining genuine Christian devotion with sound learning.



A second purpose of Redeemer Seminary is to furnish training in Scripture and theology to men and women who are preparing to serve Christ and his Church in vocations other than the gospel ministry so that the whole body of Christ may be enriched.

Spiritual Formation at Redeemer Seminary

Through our teaching, professors, community worship, personal relationships and mentoring, Redeemer seeks to spiritually form students for ministry by helping them see and experience the power of the gospel at work in their own hearts and lives.

“The whole Old Testament is all about the gospel and the gospel is all about Jesus Christ.”
Dr. Douglas Gropp

“My hope for the students is that their passion for ministry will be like Jesus’ passion for ministry.”
Dr. Michael Rasmussen

“A Pastor Teacher”
Rev. William Burns

“Living the Gospel”
Professor Joseph “Skip” Ryan

“A Disciple-maker Must Be A Disciple”
Professor Dan McCartney

“What is Biblical Counseling?”
Watch Dr. Paul Tripp answer.

The Gospel in the City – Students reflect on a recent
Redeemer Seminary field course in New York

“The Goal of Systematic Theology at Redeemer
– to know and glorify God”
Professor Sinclair Ferguson

“How does the Word of God connect to people’s lives?”
Professor Adrian Smith

“Why study at Redeemer?”
Students answer

Listen online to Dr. Tim Keller speak on
“The Gospel of Peace” from Philippians 4:4-12.
Dr. Keller spoke Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at an event sponsored by Redeemer Seminary and hosted at Park Cities Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Tim Keller

Listen to the Inaugural Convocation of Redeemer Seminary

Redeemer ConvocationSoloist: Steve Williamson, “In Christ Alone,” by Keith Getty

Speaker: Dr. Tim Keller, introduction by Dr. Skip Ryan (message begins at 13:00 minutes)
Launch external player to browse web while listening Download mp3 of Redeemer Seminary Convocation
Convocation Program PDF | Pictures of Convocation
On Monday, February 16, 2009, the sanctuary of Park Cities Presbyterian Church filled with students, faculty, trustees, pastors, church planters, campus ministers and others who came to celebrate the launch of Redeemer Seminary.

Redeemer President Steven Vanderhill presented the faculty and board of the new seminary; Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary, lead the congregation in prayer, asking for the Lord’s blessing upon Westminster’s newest daughter seminary; Redeemer Chancellor Dr. Skip Ryan celebrated the Lord’s goodness in establishing Redeemer; and speaker Dr. Tim Keller encouraged the Redeemer community to continue the emphasis on connecting church and seminary together in the spiritual formation of students preparing for ministry.

Seminary Profile

In 2009, Westminster Theological Seminary launched its Texas Campus as an independent seminary which is now called Redeemer Seminary.

The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools, at its meeting in February, 2011, voted to approve Redeemer Seminary as a Candidate for accredited status. The Commission on Accrediting Board of Commissioners recognizes candidacy for accredited status as its official preaccredited status.

Academic Programs
Redeemer Seminary offers the M.Div., M.A.R., M.A., and Certificate in Christian Studies programs. Westminster concludes its M.Div. and M.A.R. programs in Texas in cooperation with Redeemer during a transitional period.

Two Turtle Creek BuildingInstruction is provided by the full-time Redeemer faculty, adjunct faculty, and some visiting faculty from Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia.

Redeemer Seminary is committed to keeping a student’s tuition expense as low as possible by offering scholarships and encourages students to “pay as you go” rather than accumulating debt. Therefore, Redeemer Seminary does not intend to participate in the Federal Stafford Loan program. For an analysis of the problem of student loan debt, please see the published research study, “The Gathering Storm – The Educational Debt of Theological Students”

Redeemer occupies facilities in Two Turtle Creek, an 18-story office building. The 8,000-square-foot suite offers three classrooms, a library, administrative and faculty offices, a student computer lab, videoconferencing capabilities, and a kitchen. The Seminary’s facilities also contain the office of the Southwest Church Planting Network, a ministry of four PCA presbyteries in the Southwest.